AA Agency

AA Agency

For companies

We assists companies with their brand exposure on social media. We always strive to find the perfect match between your brand and the ideal influencers.

From social strategy, creative campaign design, and influencer sourcing to execution and analytics reporting, we ensure that our clients realize the full potential of influencer marketing


Who we represent

We proudly represent some of the top growing, danish influencers.

​Our portfolio of influencers goes across platforms from Instagram to Youtube.

​Nevertheless we represent some strong performing micro influencers.

For influencers

Are you looking for a management to help you navigate in the industry?

​All influencers have a personal agent assigned.

​We believe in the importance of a close relationship between the agent and the influencer.

About us

AA Agency is a danish influencer marketing bureau. We execute influencer campaigns for companies, with the help from our exclusively represented influencers, and external influencers.

Besides influencer campaigns, we are very passionated about our management.

We believe in a strong personal bond between influencer, agent and clients.